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Our Team

How is UBC IEEE structured? What are the roles?

Executive Team

The Executive Team runs the UBC IEEE Branch Chapter.  As the representatives of the UBC within IEEE, they serve as the middleman connecting the students and professionals. It is their job to create enriching opportunities and a safe, encouraging community. 

UBC IEEE Members

UBC IEEE Members are participants in activities and events. They can also serve as volunteers for the events and help with the day of logistics. A membership with the UBC IEEE grants access to all UBC IEEE events for the entire school year.

Executive Team Overview

Team structure light mode.png

Admin Team

The Admin team oversees all partnerships, events, funding, and high level tasks. The team communicates with the Events Team, Outreach Team, and Technical Society chairs to support the needs of fellow executive team members, providing guidance and organization where needed.


The Student Branch Chair fosters effective student leadership by communicating with all executives.  The chair is the executive who drives the vision of UBC IEEE and the management of the student organization. 

Vice Chair

From overseeing Executive Teams to coordinating partnerships, the Vice Chair deals with organization-level tasks.

Technical Lead

The Technical Lead oversees the McNaughton team and IEEE maker space in the MacLeod building. Additionally, the Technical Director is responsible for designing, creating, and maintaining the UBC IEEE website. The role involves setting up and optimizing all team internal workflows such as management and communication software.


The Treasurer manages and maintains all UBC IEEE financial accounts, ensuring that all records are accurate and current. The Treasurer will work with the Events Teams to plan for events of varying sizes and budgets.


The Secretary takes meeting minutes at admin team meetings and all-hands meetings. The Secretary will liaise between subteams by managing internal communications.

Events Team

The Events team is responsible for planning and hosting UBC IEEE's flagship events which often involve partnerships with other UBC organizations or the Vancouver IEEE Section. They are intended to reach a larger audience and require long term planning.

Networking Event Lead

The Networking Event Lead(s) are responsible for spearheading the organization and execution of the ECESS x IEEE Networking event. From budget planning to running the show on the day of, the Event Lead(s) execute end-to-end logistics.

Competitions Lead

The Competitions Lead(s) plan the Engineering x Commerce Hackathon event. From venue planning to judging on the day of, the Competitions Lead(s) are at the forefront of the event planning and hosting process.

Mentorship Lead

The Mentorship Program Lead(s) are responsible for planning the ECEGSA x IEEE Mentorship Program with members of the ECE Graduate Student Association. The Mentorship Lead(s) develop social events and content for the mentorship program while being in constant communication with the Admin and Outreach teams.

Technical Societies

Technical societies are focused on specific fields and specializations within engineering. Every year, typically 3 technical societies host events. These events would be directly related to the field specialty of the technical society. It is not required for there to be a chair of every technical society every year. 

Technical Society Chair

The Technical Society Chairs are responsible for holding smaller scale events to give interested students exposure to the various avenues they can take in their career. The UBC Student Branch chapter represents the following technical societies and has opening chair positions.

  • Power and Energy Society

  • Computer Society

  • Engineering in Medicine and Biology

Outreach Team

The Outreach team is responsible for managing the professional branding of IEEE and liaising between professionals and the student branch. They are in charge of the image and presence of the student branch chapter.

Marketing Lead

The Marketing Lead develops content, campaigns, and promotions for the UBC IEEE social media accounts. The role also involves planning and executing marketing strategies for small scale events with the Technical Society Chairs as well as large scale events with the Event Team Leads.

Partnership Lead

The Partnership Lead cultivates and maintains professional working relationships with potential sponsor companies in the field of engineering. The Partnership Lead is responsible for sourcing sponsors and guest speakers for UBC IEEE events while organizing company lists and contact information.

Graphic Designer

The Graphic Designers use their artistic skills to design marketing and branding content for various teams. The role is essential for strong promotion of our events in addition to a consistent and recognizable brand at UBC.

McNaughton Team

The McNaughton team runs the brand new electrical and mechanical maker space in the MacLeod building. Under the management of ECE faculty, the McNaughton team organizes the logistics for student, design team, and UBC event usage of the lab space.

Mechanical Lead

The Mechanical Lead is responsible for troubleshooting and managing lab equipment safely. The Mechanical Lead will plan lab management structure including events, levels of access for IEEE members, and training requirements.

Electrical Lead

The Electrical Lead is responsible for understanding and interfacing with lab equipment safely. The Electrical Lead supports students by relaying wants and needs to ECE faculty.

Student Ambassador

UBC IEEE Student Ambassadors have additional access and privileges to the lab space. More details to come.

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