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Getting involved with UBC IEEE is a great way to build a professional network and learn about event management.  You can apply to our executive team or get a UBC IEEE membership to attend or volunteer at our events.

Executive Team

The Executive Team runs the UBC IEEE Branch Chapter.  As the representatives of the UBC within IEEE, they serve as the middleman connecting the students and professionals. It is their job to create enriching opportunities and a safe, encouraging community. 

IEEE Members

UBC IEEE Members are participants in activities and events. They can also serve as volunteers for the events and help with the day of logistics. A membership with the UBC IEEE  grants access to all UBC IEEE events for the entire school year.

Recruitment Timeline

UBC IEEE considers applicants for the Executive Team year-round. If you are interested in joining the team, we encourage you to contact us now. Our team will consider candidates through an internal application process.


Email with the following information:

  • Year and  program

  • Team position(s) of interest

  • Resume

Additionally, answer the following question:

  • What skills, attributes, and experiences make you a strong candidate for the UBC IEEE Executive Team?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be in engineering to join UBC IEEE? 

No, you do not need to be an engineering student to join the team. We welcome students from all backgrounds and programs at UBC to join our team.

When can I apply?

Our team has applications open year-round. We also hold larger recruitment cycles at the start of Term 1 and 2 during the school year. Follow @ubcieee for the most up to date recruitment information.

How does the application process work?

During recruitment season, applications will be rolling. We will get back to promising candidates within 2 weeks to schedule an interview.

What is the commitment of an executive/member?

The Executive Team has a range of time commitments depending on the role (2-8 hours per week). All Executives will have individual team meetings and occasional all-hands meetings. Specific time commitments can be found in our hiring package (closed). 

UBC IEEE members are participants and volunteers of our events. Members will have the opportunity to attend a smaller event every month for 1-2 hours while flagship events are once or twice a term and last 4-8 hours.

How can I improve my odds of joining the executive team? 

We are looking for motivated, organized, people-oriented students that can creatively come up with ideas and solutions. No matter how much experience you have, we want to see your interest in UBC IEEE and how your past experiences, challenges, and unique character can help you excel as a strong team member and leader.

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