William Yeung - France & Germany 2014

The UBC IEEE International Field Trip 2014 gave me the opportunity to gain first hand insights in the electrical and computer engineering industry in France (Paris, Lille) and Germany (Munich). This trip exposed me to network opportunities with industry and academia, which by chance led to an internship in Munich. The companies and institutions visited expanded my views on career and academics, which encouraged me to build a career and education in a more global context. Meeting new friends, having fun and experiencing the culture of innovative countries is a great way to learn. I recommend this field trip to students!

Bahar Salehpour - France & Germany 2014

When I first heard about UBC IEEE's field trip to Munich and Paris last year, it was hard to believe that such an amazing opportunity actually exists. When I applied to go on the trip, I knew how competitive the program would be. I must have checked my e-mail more than one hundred times the day that the results were to be announced, and I cannot forget the excitement I felt when I finally received that e-mail from Cameron Johnston at around 10 pm, confirming my placement on the field trip. Excitement and anticipation built up as we got closer to our departure date. All the information we needed was given out to us on time and the trip organizers were always available if we needed a question answered. When I first met all my travel mates in YVR on the morning of May 1st, I knew this would be an amazing experience. The IEEE luggage tag that we got that day still goes with me on all my trips.

The amount of planning and work that had gone into making the trip possible was obvious from the beginning. Everything from transportation to company visits to crisis management went smoothly and it was all due to the excellent planning by the organizers. It was there that I got inspired to join such an amazing team of UBC students and to get involved with IEEE programs. During the trip Zoe asked me if I'd like to be part of the planning for the Korea field trip and I was more than happy to say yes. After the trip, I volunteered to be part of the Think Engineering networking event and I am now the logistics officer for the January event.

Having applied to go on the UBC IEEE Europe field trip gave me several opportunities to be more involved in the UBC ECE community and it gave me the chance to help build and establish it even more. I now see myself truly as a member of the ECE department and I do my best to help UBC IEEE be even more successful in their future events and programs. I can say without a doubt that UBC IEEE has been one of the highlights of my time at ECE and I hope to stay involved with it even after I graduate. I encourage anyone who would like to get involved to join UBC IEEE. It truly is a great community.