2018 UBC IEEE International Field Trip!

Every year we organize an international field trip immediately following the winter academic term. This international field trip provides a unique opportunity for 20 engineering students to visit some of the most advanced companies around the world. These visits help students to learn more about technology, creative design, professional engineering. While also fostering innovation and excellence in their future career. In addition, this trip enables students with an opportunity to build a network of international contacts in different industries and start to accumulate valuable resources.

Purpose of the field trip

·      Create opportunities for students to learn about what’s happening in industry internationally, and provide memorable experiences

·      Foster industry and student connections

·      Create research opportunities across borders


  • In one of the previous international trips, two members on the trip secured Co-Op positions in Germany

  • Time dedicated for exploring the city as a tourist



If you have any questions, please contact us at ubcieeefieldtrip@gmail.com. To find out how to become an IEEE member, please click here