Core Executives

Chairman - Nicole Cheang 

Vice-Chairman - Candice Loo

Secretary - Raghul Sai Subramanian

Treasurer - Chris Chin

Senior Executives

Committee Leaders - Mario Liverant

Society Chairs - Katherine Yao

Committee Leaders

Advertisement and Recruitment - Kieran Morton and Susanna Chen

International Field Trip -  Scott Peverelle 

IT & Website- David Wu

Socials Leader- Maria Tu

Seminars and Workshops -  Maria Tu

Think Engineering - Abigail Climacosa

T-Shirt CommitteeOpen Position

Society Chairs

Computer Society - Sathya Jayakumar 

Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society - Daniel Louie and Raghul Sai Subramanian

Power and Energy Society - Gabriel Chen and David Wu

Communication Society - Curtis Johnson

Woman in Engineering - Laila Khan

McNaughton Centre - Kieran Morton


IEEE Vancouver Section 

IEEE Canada 

IEEE Member and Geographic Activities

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department - UBC 

Faculty of Applied Science - UBC 

Alma Mater Society 

University of British Columbia