Mehdi Sadaghdar (ElectroBOOM) is coming to UBC to give a presentation on Electrocution!!


Event Details

     Room: Macleod 418
     Time: 6:00PM
     Date: April 4th, 2016


Who is Electroboom?

Mehdi Sadaghdar is an Iranian Canadian electrical engineer and Youtube Celebrity, ElectroBOOM. Mehdi uses his comedy and expert knowledge in electrical engineering to emphasize the importance of safety and to inspire students and young engineers. It's no wonder why he has over 640,000 subscribers. 


The Mediocre Man (ElectroBOOM trailer)


Check out his personal page: http://www.electroboom.com/


If you are a fan, then support him on:
   Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/electroboom
   Twitter: http://twitter.com/ElectroBOOMGuy


We look forward to seeing you there!